Turk - Penitentiary Chances lyrics

Artist: Turk

Album: Raw & Uncut

Title: Penitentiary Chances

Nigga, Nigga, uh, Nigga, Nigga, uh
It's wit we do.

We take penitetairy chances,

we take penitentiary chances,
we take penitentiary chances,

Everday all day on daa block.

(Verse 1)

I hit da set like it's legal,

doin my thang, pushin weight

duckin dem people, 'cause i kno
they gon' swang.

Seven dayz of da week,

I be on da grind,stick to

da G-Code gotta get it and


Mutherf**k da gates,stank

bitches gotta catch me,ask

for da snake nigga please

don't test me.

Til' da day they arrest me,

I'm huggin da block, everyday

all day 'cause it's money to cop,

why is da cop, sittin on 26.

Nice paint job, fully equipped

wit da kit, nigga no such thang

as a nine to five, never did never

will work for nine to five.

Cussin out my own boss, call my own
shots, work my own hours, runnin my own

shop, made my own laws, mutherf**k da cops,

Suck a nigga dick till' he nut and don't stop.

(Chorus) (2x)
We take penitentiary chances,

we take penitentiary chances,

we take penitentairy chances,

Everday all day on da block.

(Verse 2)

All my life i been a hustler,

A go get it nigga, think big

at all times, all about da digits

nigga, you ship it i'mma handle it.

Get rid of it quick, sell it at

cheap prices, 10 for a brick,

dat's 36 ounces, you gon' get,

Nigga straight chyna white, dat's
no bullshit.

Got more coke than cola, i'm

doin it jack, spend money wit me

you gon' make it back, I lace da sack,

Big cake wit heavyweight, tryin to get
rich, more figures than Bill Gates.

Call me a black entrepinuer, street

pharmacist, got enough drugs to supply

a whole army wit, if i get caught i just

gotta accept my lick, take it like a man
and jus accept my lick.

Can't cry like a bitch, 'cause i made dat

bed, and i gotta lay in it, you heard

wut i said?

(Chorus) (2x)

We take penitentiary chances,

we take penitentiary chances,

we take penitentiary chances,
Everyday all day on da block.

Stay on da lookout for Sarge's boys

and flatops, moving bunches of dat
chrome, my nigga it won't stop, got

da block on lock, switched up and sowed
it's a everyday thang, my nigga we'll

neva grow.

And we'll neva be ya grout,

keep it comin like sperm,

rock caught on fire, burnin

like a perm, hard-head wut I

ever learned, hustle all i kno.

It's in my blood nigga get it

from my kin-folk, I was taught

to run from da laws when they come,

scraped up bricks getaway when they


Takin chances, sumthin dat I gotta

do, go to jail make bell