Tub Ring - No One Wants To Play lyrics

Try to impress them with what you they want
Your methods are subtle, just like an elephant
Besides all the retreads and all the arguments
You can't make decisions based on feeling
Friendships fall away from this
Adhering to your politics
So prod and pry and give your ideas
It doesn't matter 'til you get your own way
Once again your crown is tarnished
Cause you're the winner of a game that no one wants to play don't celebrate just yet cause I think that you forget
That no one wants to play
Rules as suggestions because they aren't real
Some from the get go, and some from how you feel
You play all positions and show them how it's done
Soon you're a figurehead lost on everyone
If there's a theory I know there's a consequence
I'm sure that you've learned now you can't stay on the fence
Just taking opinions until the words are bent
Voice of an angel, thoughts a serpent
There was a boy who woke from a dream one day
He thought it over and planned out everything
He wouldn't rest 'til his waking dream came true
And there were choices that he knew must be made
The fallen silenced by all the accolades
And so he delegates the many things to do
So many things to do