Tub Ring - Killers In Love lyrics

Point and click my love
Take all the memories and the faces
Hold me close and tender
Drenched in sweet scents of blood soaked embraces
On the run and looking for a life of cruel intention
So take a ride, side by side, necessity mother of invention

Right now!
Hands in the air right now
Let's take a trip downtown
Bury the dead
Face to the ground

Ooh aah kisses that taste like sugar
Lips cold as ice sing ooh aah
Lips cold as ice sugar and spices and rock and roll vices
Ooh aah kisses that taste like sugar
Bonnie and Clyde sing ooh aah

Dead cold and numb
Loose on the run
Crazy for blood, killers in love

Hope is lost and desperate
But romance just can't get better
If we go down, then we go down
But we'll go down, go down together
Out of time and luck with no regrets or hesitations
A moment passed, the veil was dropped
Without duress or indication