Try.Fail.Try - Dead Saints lyrics

War on life - clearcut rebellion. We dare to challenge it!


Smoke rancid fill our lungs with hypocricy - we choke on our own blood. Compalcence like a rash on a planet - though the problem is understood!

We never have it; we discover it - EVERY DAY. You never know a thing if you think you do... To find your way you must lose your way.

We used it from the start - we thought we were so smart. We opened up the sky to heaven collapsing. We have nothing when we don't care if they find us. We don't give a shit about what's going on - We find solace in the box that they provide for us. We'll fucking shit our pants the day that it's all gone.

My passivity will be the death of me.

Life is nothing without action. Action - in your thoughts and mind. Action - in your heart and hands. Action - in your deeds and goals. Action! Action! Action!