Truck North - The Rain Maker (2012)

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Truck North - The Rain Maker lyrics

Yeah, tree top house so I’m bird’s eye view
When them dubs start to cry
The eagle has landed hoe this ain’t the last ride
There’s no sunshine when worlds collide
I just decided, with the time I have provided, on the planet
To be the best at it, god damn it
No reply, when I look to the sky
So I gotta go to war alone when it’s time to die
Back to the win, cup full of Hen
Big booty girls got my mind on spin
Bj tell me keep your mind on wins
Cause it seems the more you right the more the hurts start to fade
Fair enough, but how I see it bud, ain’t no motherfucking hurt
I’m in the race with myself, it’s hard to place the blame when the barrel has your name
Lifetime of shame, for 4 minutes of fame
When it pours cats and dogs, down to the gutter where all of them reds crawl
Where the biggest deal really don’t mean nothing
Sometimes that the rot you get stuck in

I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands
Even if he’s wrong, than one who comes up like an angel
And does nothing but it steps

Final frontier so I pour a little liquor for the ones who ain’t here
The ones I hold dead in my heart who ain’t fair
This what it is when you way past tears
I’ve just decided with the time I have provided on the the planet
To fly high and say fuck landing
But that height takes a little more planning
Cause once you leave the atmosphere then your ass stranded
Back to earth in a flash, I just got a quick call busting fast cash
And slave to my past, so I suffer the lash
I’m a sucker for punsihment, I pray it ends fast
And althought it never does, hope it never hurts but it still feels wrong
Like cursing in the church,
Mama always said that it could be worse
But that’s a more glass half fullshit, fuck that bullshit
Superstition getting in my own way again
Bad scam got me sitting in the damn can
Bad luck got me itching for an exit plan
So I ain’t waiting in line like I’m the next man
Enough folks to hang myself plus the extra news
The eggs hatch when the chickens come home to roost
To putting head to proof, so I toss my dreams in a backpack
I’m jumping off the roof
They say the sins of the father fall upon the son
So the next chapter I write could be my last one
Heads up, niggas bout to catch a bad one
And I’m swinging on you niggas till my time’s done.