Truck North - Bring Me Back (2012)

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Truck North - Bring Me Back lyrics

Every time i try to get out they out me right in
And then i back in and back out

The more they give to you, the more they take it back
And little peace of mind why don't you takin that
Kinda take in the back behind they count the act
But the sky turn to black and the hard coller
See i was hard on the i like them..
See like sunday morning day
Grind on the pace of the monday smooth of the..
Beggin for the sun to stay

I'm with the donner's play i chase the pain away
Gain on the..Then i'm drowning in some hennessy
Call it the easy way, call it the fast row
Call it the cash row call and get the cash out
On the roll, we could've roll bitches..With the ass out
Fast taking pictures of the nigga and the stash house
Straight and the mouse swingin to the..Count
The definition and ambition you mouse

The more i try the one more i try to pull back in
Back to the war how is that living
Back on mission how is that feeling
So appealing the higher that feeling
But the more i try the more i pull back in it
Back to the war how is that living
Back on mission how is that feeling
So appealing the higher that feeling
And a young nigga can't and i start takin
Ain't bout the money makin, ain't bout the palm faking
Just wanna..The scar fast f*ck waiting
Serve you like a waiter 'cause i'll be tryin to play you
Talking the cold like yeah i'm need the party
You say the party..What can you do when it treat the dope man
Like it's..And they wanna pay you
See you the party favors what can you do when they treat to dope me
The more i try to hide it the more i get hit about it
Like i can't breathe without it
Losin ..Game and..Wanna win in the..
..I got the physics sight it
Feel the itch the game first pitch
Serve on the dish that the cops just miss
Ice and ..He's too the gip to quit
And so strong kill a couple niggas first hit
The ..So is the way he just did
Kept the price..All the..Till the heighest bill
Go back to the ..Fresh out the fire..
And to the fireman
That's way they lying man
I'll be there in twenty flash whine int he cadillac
Wanted to know fumes ..With the goons
Want em from the boys and girls ..