Troy Olsen - You're The One lyrics

You gotta lotta nerve comin' in here
And sayin' that stuff about her
Why don't you just keep it to yourself
I hear you sayin' she's no good
But I for one know better
Myabe you should just talk about somethin' else

You're the one who hurt her
And you're the one who made her cry
You're the one who lost her somehow
You're the one who had her
And you're the one who's gotta live without her
I'm the one she's lovin' now

Everyone in here knows there's two sides to every story
So why don't we leave well enough alone
You had your chance with her but now she's gone forever
'Cause I'm gonna love her like nothin' she's ever known

And she deserves more than you can give her
She don't need you spreadin' talk around
And you don't have the right to put her down
No no