Troglodytic - Twilight lyrics

As I open my heart
The blackness seeps out
And envelopes my eyes
My world is the dark
My home is the night

I move silently among the figures
Sculpted from invisibility
Passing myself in a world of mirrors
I am no one here
Because here is nowhere

Twilight is a place
Between here and there
I feel welcomed
By the sound of echoes
As I am turned inside out

Birds with no wings
Men with no heads
The sky is alive
With the torment
Of endless creatures

My lungs are burning
As I choke on the ashes
Of my fallen imagination
My head is filled with rain
Your hands are like shadows

I am a puppet in this play
The limbs of my thoughts
Are strings that you hold
Please lead me away from myself
And into your bed of knives

Princess of nightmares
Bleed me a mask
So that I may wear it
And escape the prison
Of this cold desolate plane