Trista - Lean On Me lyrics

When it's cold and dark,
And thiers no place to go,
U know i'll always be here,
To keep u from the cold,
When your baby's gone,
And you feel all alone,
You can lean on me,
My house will b ur home,

Lean on me i'll always be your friend,
I'll be here night and day,
I'll be here till the end,
You know im always here,
No matter what happens,
Lean on me

I know sometimes your down,
And you dont have much faith,
I know sometimes you lose,
And you need a break,
I know the sky is blue,
And i can tell when u are,
Thats when u should lean on me,


You know i love you,
You know i'll always be there,
I know when your real down,
That you will need a friend,
Someone who you can talk to,
Someone who really cares,

(chorus 2X)

Lean on me,
Lean on me,
Lean on me,
Lean on me.