Trish Thuy Trang - Not My Day lyrics

Rain drops in to buckets in
My room all full of junk.
And I can't seem to find
Where I have left my keys
No umbrella, cold outside,
I've left my jacket home besides,
I'm running late now
Traffic's stuck for miles.
But I'll just breathe and try
To keep my sanity,why can't I ever win.

Well no, I guess it's not my day.
Cause nothing's going y way.
There's nothing I can do to get away.
When everything goes wrong,
It's hard to carry on.
I know I'll be okay.
It's not my day.

Heard another rumor called each number on the phonebook
No one picked up so I'm left here on my own.
Tossed and turned all night too many things are on my mind, so tired
Get no respect. My life is such a mess.
But I just hide behind my smile, cuase deep inside emotions all collide