Trish Thuy Trang - Lovely lyrics

You're the sweet dreams that soothe me
When I can't fall asleep.
You're the field
In the middle of the city.
When I'm rushing by
At the speed of light.

You're the strong resolution
When I find no peace.
You're the church bells ringing
In the evening.
When all is quiet,
Your whisper comfort
Lifts my heart.
I get so weak.

Chorus 1
Ohhh.... You're lovely, lovely
You're the center of my universe.
A thousand times
I look around me and I find...

Chorus 2
Ohh... you're lovely.
You're the center of my universe.
A million ways
Cannot explain,
You're lovely.

You're the soft words that touch me
When I just can't speak.
You're the breeze on the ocean
In the morning,
Reminding me
To greet the day.

You're the flowers I remember
Seeing in Italy.
Colors through
A golden haze,
Bright and radiant,
Soft and fragrant
In the noon day sun,
It makes me sing.

Repeat Chorus 1
Repeat Chorus 2

I understand...
There may be grief
And there may be pain.
But I am aware
You blind the darkness
With who You are

Repeat Chorus 1
Repeat Chorus 2