Tripod - How Do You Play Your Game? lyrics

Your face gives me power
Your body drives my soul
You're the girl of tha hour
And you're my only goal

You're the sunshine in the rain
You're the blood in my vein
Whenever im feeling down
You're there to ease the pain....
How do you play your game?

You're pictures there, you're in the frame
But I cant reach the goal, im the one to blame
I tried too early and its blurred my name
Why can't love stop with the pain!?


I guess that love is hard
One in every glass shard
Im so happy, the shard i see
But I cant pick it up it keeps hurting me!!!!

How do you play your game?
How do you play your game?

Electric Guitar Solo

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything
I really love you, I always have,
But I've put my mind to it and im still lingering
To accomplish anything, you need the other half!

You're legs and your hips,
And when i touch your lips,
Invents a new feeling
Like love but healing

How did you play that game?