Tripod - Dirty Power lyrics

She forced me
To watch the whole...
Series of Buffy
Totally backwards
And I had to sit there
And watch the story fold

She only buys vinyl
And then melts it down
In order to raise the value
Of other vinyl

But I let it go by
Go by
'Cause she's got this power over me
Yeah, I let it slip by
Slide by
A kind of dirty power
Dirty power

She thinks Tom Hanks is sexy
In Castaway
She likes to make out
To the scene where he knocks his tooth out with a skate

She cuts out little photos
Of Cameron Diaz
And makes big mosaics
And when you step back,
It's a huge Gary Oldman

But I let it go by
'Cause she's got this dirty power
And so I keep my head down
Head down
Focus on the dirty power
Dirty Power

She always says to me
She's a reality TV fan
Her favourite show is Baywatch
I try to explain
I see a shift in her demeanour
Which indicates that the has no idea what I'm saying

But I let it go by, go by
Go by-y-y
'Cause she's got this dirty power
Dirty power
And I have to come back
Come back
Come back
Get some more of that...
Dirty power

She grew up on a dog farm
Dog farm
All these dogs on a field
Eating grass then spewing
And eating more grass
And then spewing
Dirty power

Dirty power over me
Sometimes I wake up
And she's staring at me
With a monocle on a string and everything

You know what?
She's got perfect eyesight
But she's got this dirty power
So I let it slip by
Slide by
She's got a dirty power

It runs in my family
There's a photo of my Pop
Standing next to this woman
Who has a fishing mask on

I don't even know
What a fishing mask is
But he must have let it slip by
'Cause she had a dirty power, yeah

Dirty power
Dirty power over me
Dirty power

I don't want to understand
I just want to hold her hand
Tainted, though it might be, by her...