Trina - Party Like A Rockstarr lyrics

T-T-Totally Dude!

Party like a rock
Party like a rockstar
Party like a rock
Party like a rockstar
Party like a rock
Party like a rockstar
Party like a rockstar
T-T-Totally Dude!

I rock my body like a rockstar
Live like a moviestar
Play like a allstar
F**k like a pornstar
Baby I'm a superstar
You can call me Pamela
Anderson plus I rock the stage like Marilyn Manson
No hands, no skirt
Look at me- I'm a flirt
I'm in the club poppin bottles
Lookin like a supermodle
Plus my girls are hella pretty
So dem bitches real sadity
Attitudes sometimes shitty

Rockstar chicks run tha city

(Repeat Chorus)

It's tha rockstar extraordinaire
Throw ur hands in tha air
Wave em like u just don't care
Patron shots everywhere
Crash a party anywhere
If u don't like me, i don't care
I know u lookin, gone stare
I got haters everywhere
Plus i'm tha fast car
Kinda like Nascar
The boys screamin' Trina stop
But Trina screamin' Kidd Rock
Just found out I got a stalker
Ow my God it's Travis Parker
Told u i'ma superstar
Come party with a rockstar

(Repeat chorus)

Yea-it's tha rockstar extraordinaire
And I wonna shout out all my motherf**kin rockstars
All over tha world
Rockstars in tha building
I see you
El Boogie I see you