Trina - For All My Ladies lyrics

chours: To all my ladies gettin money
makin des niggaz pay baby the world is
gonna hate u don't listen to what they say

For all my ladies gettin money tryna pay
des bill hold ya head up high now mommie
make em keep it real

verse 1:
gimmie da keys to da bentley dat's right me and my girls goin out
tonite and i dont wanna fight tonite get my bread up ain't nothin
u can do when a women's fed up and im fed up nigga shut up nigga gone
bout ya buisness keep my bread up nigga for i find me a playa who can
treat me betta dick me to sleep and eat me betta you wanna a real bitch
who a fuck ya and feed ya uh ah fuck nigga i don't need ya and you ain't gotta
love me or like me and hell naw i don't wanna be ya wifee cause i'm a bad bitch born
to ball and when you go to jail fuck nigga don't call you want me to stay nigga u
gon pay gimme dat dough playboy don't play.


I ain't finna cook, clean, babysit or house keep gimme 20 g's drop me
on south beach let me shop til i drop spend til i faint burn up 20 get
another ten out tha bank let me show you how a hotgirl get bread all
dat fuck me for free shit been dead i need a playa in my life spendin
dollas dat's gon lead diamonds round my colla lil mama M.I.A stylist
ya baddest bitch call me ya highness slip and slide on fire and you know dat
i know you like da way lil mama thow dat i know lil mama shake dat
playa if you got a bank im a break dat Ms. trina hottest thang on the south
coast i got des fuck niggas trickin out they house tho.


des niggas will pay if you let em promise you da world try to make you swear dem if a nigga
got beats girl you betta get em if a nigga dead broke fuck em and forget em move on to da
bigger trick wit da bigga dick get off class girl datta get em quick cause niggaz ain't shit but some
dick and balls and i ain't got no love i'll trick em all you gotta get dem b 4 dey get you fuck me for free i ain't
wit dat shit boo you gotta treat dem just like dey treat you if dey want dey dick suck make em eat you
neva let em beat you or mistreat you make a nigga pay a bill b 4 he freak you uh cause money mean da world to me and
ain't shit in dis muthafuckin world for free.