Trick Pony - Spent lyrics

People in line got a real good laugh
When I pumped two dollars worth of premium gas
Money down the drain (it's all I could afford)
Twist off bottle and tall boy cans
In a brown paper sack from the quick stop man
Got a hand full of change (it's all I could afford)

I ain't got now dough (dough) no (no)
I get it and it goes
Like the water flows out of my hands (hands)
Uncle Sam (Sam)
I want you to know, the money's done

Spent (no it just don't last)
Yeah it goes to fast (it ain't coming back)
I don't know where it went (spent it on your friends)
Oh it just gets spent (yeah it just gets spent)
Yeah the money gets spent

Tried my ATM card, county bank
Started flashin' no funds
Even told me no thanks
Wouldn't give it back to me (it's all I could afford)
Yeah I went to buy me a brand new dress
But the man behind the counter wouldn't take my checks
It was nothin' for free (it's all I could afford)
I'd like to take a vacation (hey) to the islands (ho)
I'd love to take you where the water's so blue
Bring Mama (Mama) to the Bahama ('Hamas)
But no can do 'cause the money I'd use is


There's people walking 'round in the world out there
Just wishin' they could have what we got here
But you can't buy love like a lot of people think
'Cause when it comes to love just as fast as we can make's spent