Trick Pony - On A Mission (2002)

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Trick Pony - On A Mission lyrics

To me twelve months is a long, long time
for someone to suddenly change their mind
He was in and out, now it's just too late
But I won't lose one night of sleep
Worryin' about what was meant to be
His leavin' is just a reason to celebrate


I'm on a mission, I got a cause
I'm gonna hit every rockin' little honky-tonk bar
and the way I'm thinkin', it ought to be against the law
Gonna see what kind of trouble I can find
I'm on a head-on collision with a real good time
I'm on a mission, and it's all about forgettin' tonight

Forty-hour week and I'm out the door'Seems like all I'm workin' for
Is that time when I can finally just cut loose
I got a few good friends and they're waitin' to go
just gimme some time to change my clothes
'Til Monday mornin', there ain't nothin' I gotta do


Ain't worried 'bout a five-day no-sleep business-week
No-escape workin'-girl blues
Yeah, I'm just doin' what any other
Modern day American woman might do


I'm on a mission and it's all about forgettin' tonight
I'm on a mission

Ira Dean / Kim Tribble / David Lee Murphy
'2002 WB Music Corp./Mojo Dean Publishing/Beechtree Publishing (all rights obo Mojo Dean Publishing and Beechtree Publishing adm. by WB Music Corp.) /Old Desperado Music/N2D Publishing Co. ASCAP