Trent Monk - Simply Jesus lyrics

(Hey yeah yeah yeah hey)(4x)

Tommy takes a stroll through town
He notices how everyone's
Always staring him down (yeah yeah)
Maybe it's the way he walks
Or maybe it's the way he talks
Or maybe it's that Jesus shirt
He's always wearing around
But I think that they see something in this life
That's got them all standing around
Asking him why and he says


'It's not magic
It's not money
It's not something on TV
It's not someone at my door
Trying to sell religion to me
There's nothing in this world
That can make me feel this free
It's simply Jesus in my heart
It's simply Jesus
That's what they see'

This girl I know always
Has a smile on her face
Despite her hectic schedule
And her frantic face
Everywhere she goes
Her spirit just glows
People stop and stare
But they don't now why

I think they see something in her life
That's got them all standing around
Asking her why and she says


That's what they see
Simply Jesus