Tree - Grace (feat. Lennon) (2014)

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Tree - Grace (feat. Lennon) lyrics

All that grace, all that body, all that face, makes me wanna party
All that grace, all that body, all that face, makes me wanna party

[1st verse: Tree]
Wiping my face, fighting my brothers back
Bunch of them summers hated em all, flat footed n**** couldn't get drafted that for that
6 foot n**** matter of fact
Women would tell me i was handsome, i didn't beleive em while dirty dancing at the crib
One of my neighbors sisters the 6th floor jumping, homey got jumped in he just turned folks
Start pumping, father a stone live out in compton getting richer
Who really with ya, wit ya, my n**** neva fail
Promised get locked up you'd never tell but you did, honest i promised my momma kids
Neva trust anyone if i do it be us, dear blood
Though we dont speak enough still hug when i see you, know you dont mean me no harm
Blush for them bitches, we throwing 50's up in the strip club, dripped up, drapped out, taped out

[2nd verse: Lennon]
Might give a h**, but want give a f***
My b****** cold but I'm pippin chump
My centerfold got b****** cuffed, I'm in a Rose Gold Fendi tux
I'm fly as hell I'm living good, got clientele in every hood
She bad as hell don't scratch the wood
They mad can tell they wish they could
Be down with the Dope Party, go head shake yo body
Dro said it best probably, I don't trust the rest all these h*** come and go but you down like a frown
Or the crown when my pound hit the town it's going down
Bring em out, line em up, sling the clout, bound to f***
Single drought why'd you duck, just take a bow and pile em up
We in the zone like Syracuse, in Finna bone a pair a deuce
Let's shoot the Tron and air the goose, she in a thong her hair is loose
Yeah b**** my team is back, Paypa Lord, Ish, Tree and Crack
Turn around let's see the back, them lady lumps make me react
I'm in it now, I'm in a zone, your pretty smile the metronome takes away the stress of when I'm not home!!!!