Travis Morrison - Born In '72 lyrics

Born in '72
Safe from smallpox, polio too
My dad got blinded by mumps at five
And my grandma barely made it alive past ten

And i was born with many a friend
My man from way back called me again
And he said it's hard to meet folks in school
And he knows he really sounded cool

But hey
What did i say?
Oh hey
Now what did i do?
Well there ain't no way i could ever have a clue

Born caucasian, it's true
I'm white, and it's a good thing too -
Cos i don't get pulled over by the cops
And if ever then it's one that stops, not three

I'm born as male as can be
Well, i'm still more important than she
My friend got passed over for a raise
And she said she thought she'd sue for days

But hey
Now what did i say?
Oh hey
What did i do?
We're always paid more even if less skilled

Can't ask for more so we're unfulfilled
You break apart everything you build
You had it right here, you still do
Through and through
Now don't look at me, i'm a thankful man
But i still don't do all the things i can
Some call it guilt, i say fear
Both are queer, yeah

(ladies and gentlemen, on the drums, jason mcgirr)

Born in '72
A mom that loved me, a dad i knew
They lived their lives for the sis and i
And they told us that if we could try we could...

And i'm born to everything good
For reasons still not understood
You wonder how the price'll get paid
And you end up living life afraid