Transglobal Underground - Sentinel lyrics

Radio announcer:

This is London.
Closing of places of entertainment.
All cinemas, theaters, and other places of entertainment, are to be closed immediately until further notice.
In the light of experience, it may be possible to allow the reopening of such places in some areas.
They are being closed because if they were hit by a bomb, large numbers would be killed or injured.
Sport gatherings, and all gatherings for purposes of entertainment and amusement, whether outdoor or indoor, which involve large numbers congregating together, are prohibited until further notice.
This refers, especially, to gatherings for purposes of entertainment.
But people are ? to be requested, not to crowd together unnecessarily, in any circumstances.
Churches, and other places of public worship, will not be closed.

Evil voice:

Your house is warm.
Your chair is comfortable.
The gates are securely shut.
The security call never fails.
You are at ease.
Nothing can harm you.
Why would it?
You are thankful for everything you have.
You are thankful for everyone that you love.
And you are thankful, for this, you can be sure,
That you are safe.
You. Are. Safe.