Tracie Spencer - All About You (And Not About Me) lyrics

When we 1st met, you stole my heart away
Your love was incredible, wonderful, then you began to change
You used 2 make me feel special, now all you do is make me cry
I gave you my everything, baby, but all you gave me was lies....

I, I, tried 2 be the 1 4 for baby
You, you, neva wasn't nothin, what I
Do, do, that's why I'm leavin
'cause it's all about you and not about me

When we get in a fight, I'm always 1st 2 apologize
Even if it was you did wrong
I never do enough 2 please you, that's why I can't go on
No matter what I do 4 u, it's never any good 4 you
You always gotta complain, that's why I have 2 say
I can't stay!


I, I
You, you (say you, you, you)
Do, do (what I do, what I do)
'cause it's all about you, and not about me

(your selfish baby, oh yeah, yeahaaaaaaaaa)

Anything you want I do
I never understand how you
Could treat me bad and be so cruel
You beggin me 2 come back 2 you
(?) you gave all my love, and what I had was not enough
You turned around and broke my trust
Got the nerve 2 ask me "what about us?"!!

Chorus (2x)

never wasn't nothin what I do, what I do . . .