Tracey Curtis - If The Death Penalty Were An Olympic Sport lyrics

Well done America
Coming in third is the good old U S A
Representing the Western world
Thank you for leading the way
God fearing citizens
Thank you Well done
Last year disposed of seventy one
Shooting, poisoning, gassing or electric chair
Invite only, V.I.P.s, be there or be square

Zambia, Algeria,
Bangladesh, Armenia,
Cameroon, Uzbekistan,
Bahamas, Ethiopia,
Thailand, Indonesia,
Rwanda, Tajikistan,
Singapore, Somalia,
Iraq and Japan
Trinidad, Tobago,
Tanzania and Sudan
Cuba, Kenya,
Guinea, Qatar, Pakistan,
Belarus, Yemen, Loas,
Egypt, Vietnam

Well done Iran
You've done what you can
To stick to traditional ways
You've gained second place
By showing your people
That petty crime never pays
Morality chastity must be preserved
One hundred and thirteen got what's deserved
Stoning, crushing, hanging, killing children too
Public viewing, get there early, to ensure best view

Burundi, Malaysia,
Malawi, Nigeria,
Uganda, Lebanon, Kazakhstan,
Guyana, Belize, India,
Korea, Jordan, Libya,
Kuwait, Zimbabwe and Kyrgyzstan
Jamaica, Ghana, UAE,
St Lucia, Oman,
Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Gabon,
Democratic Republic of Congo and Taiwan
Syria, Botswana,
Palestine, Afganistan

Well done China
You've got the gold
And you win hands down fair play
You've set you sights
And Human rights
Will not stand in your way
Your people silenced no means to defend
One thousand and sixty met the same end
Quick efficient single bullet through the head
Schoolgroups please enjoy you day and take your thoughts to...
Quick efficient single bullet through the head
Schoolgroups please enjoy you day then take your thoughts to bed