Tory Lanez & Dave East - Out Of Center (2017)

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Tory Lanez & Dave East - Out Of Center lyrics

Uh, what's the definition of real?
You either real or you ain't
No in-between
Line 'em up cousin

[Verse 1: Dave East]
What's the definition of real?
I still enter the field
These pills give me the chills
Torey push the foreign
The first shit I rode in was stolen
These bitches get boring
Rarely catch me wearing Ralph Lauren
More into Giuseppe
Not a word you niggas could tell me
My critics can suck a dick
Talk to niggas in prison daily
Trap pass the red
These presidents I got are actually dead
Clientele don't match the consignment just give me half instead
Naturally pimp shit
Seat's massaging me in the Rover, knocking piff shit
You bloggin' like Bizkit
Foreign senses violate us they call forensics
That felony stopped my Canada paper not to mention
Toronto love me
Eritrean girls call me hubby
I'm tryna learn their language my niggas tell me I'm lucky
I give no reply to strangers, I fall asleep out the country
My phone was filled with custees
Trust me, the ghetto love me

[Verse 2: Tory Lanez]
I light the swisher like I light the picture
The burner's talking like Tina Turner when Ike is with her
I might get with her or I might just get her and hit it, flip extension out her wig and split the [?] out the center, uh
We duck polices, book apartments, fuck up leases
Keep a .40 on me tucked
You need a one way up to Jesus nigga
I'm sick of this sickle cell in your melanin
A nigga well, but who tellin' my bitch is chillin do Ellen on TV
Sunday, sunday beach and brunch
They keep it easy, even numbers on my scoreboard
Four whores in my three and even more
I'm hardly beefin', I'm vegan more when I'm eatin'
Even score for sure I'm keepin'
Keep a .4 between the seats
'Cause she the sweetest Puerto-Rican
Creepin' freakin' for sure we creepin'
Keep it on the low
She know my BM in my DM, uh
Hook my nigga Dave up with a freak from out the eastside
Says he only fuck with Harlem niggas flying G5s
That's real baby but my dawg is here, baby
It's all clear like when money's all there, baby
I'm good, yeah tire poppin', I'm all year, baby
I go and hit the mall and they like oh hell, baby
It's the kid

[Verse 3: Dave East]
The ocean shore with the pool reach
Bitches got me feelin' like I'm LL Cool East
Nextell cells, they posted bail after two weeks (Dayum)
Toast out in Greece, I backed it out on a new beach (Backed it out)
Can't ride with me homie, the coupe got two seats (Can't ride)
Horsepower, step on the gas, you hit a coupe speed (Vroom)
KG, just had a daughter, I love my new niece
On Kairi, couple months apart, my life's a movie
I'm Glock grippin', hold a ladder and kick like Bruce Lee
When we eat, dine-in expensive, don't get no food cheap (Never)
Who is he? Young rich nigga, I just abuse beef
Shawty came with Tory Lanez, she never knew East (Never)

[Outro: Dave East & Tory Lanez]
Tor shawty had to-
It had to came with you cuzo, I ain't never seen that bitch in my life
And she from Canada, nah I ain't see her in Harlem ever (Aha)
Fuck it though
We can fuck her though
Laid back in the bungalow, oh
I got the motherload
In the hood, I'm so comfortable
Girl, I pray for that woman
I'm so on her, I'm on her
I'm so on it, I'm on it
Girl hop in it, get on it
Gin and my tonic yeah
Ohh, yeah, yeah
Yeahh, ohh, yeahh