Torchbearer - Severings lyrics

This will leads the way
Even beyond when life runs out
For the craving and the yearning
Nothing ends in no haste
Deeply considered beforehand
When that day or night do come
we never did fear it
But knew with certainty

It surely would come
Oh yes, for us all
Would our spirits fail and be weak
This action would not be done
This will occur
By simple determination
It will occur
By simple determination
We will see this come to an end

Transforming into a werewolf
Or a hatefilled revengeful ghost
Makes the already dead remain
Leaving with one more task to be made

In that armour and attitude
One can meet and be taller than giants
As the goal is kept always in sight

Though with head cut off,
he should not die
This is our discipline,
this is all martial valour
(Repeat 5.)

(Repeat chorus)