Torchbearer - Death Meditations lyrics

The perfection of the spirit
Perform the ritual of dying
Deep in yourself,
on the somber set scene
Make no mistake
You must already be there
Retreat your body
and your mind inside

Consider it already over
You must be dead by now
Leave the gate
And the enemy is silently waiting
So die already
Disheartening mind
And no one can stand before you
Stand before you

Then let the torments begin
And meditations set up behind closed eyes
Your flesh being ripped by arrows
And bullets from blazing guns
Knives carve holes in your chest
And spears impale every limb
Surging waves carry you away
And waters burst your lungs

You are thrown into the midst of great fire
Then in heavy storm struck down by lighting
A mighty earthquake shakes and eats you up
Then you fall from a thousand-foot cliff

(Repeat chorus)