Torch - Karate Chop (2013)

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Torch - Karate Chop lyrics

It’s Tax Season man
Everybody ballin
So ain’t nobody safe
No AC on the way

Enemies, enemies,
Most my niggas gangbangers
Pull up in that Panamera
Livin like Castelana
Bust a block down, watch cushier odol
Condo in Miami Beach
Favorite model bitch in my Louie sheets
24 karat gold, Cuban link
Que tu quiere, better get it from my Cuban bling
Smoke a lot of sour, got a lot of hoes
Scofe with my baby potty, I’ve been cookin O’s
Special order, 24/7, round the clock
Keep a couple shooters if it hold 100 shots
Bitch I ball like the NFL
Walk around with a scale, might cup that new SL
Think I’m rich Porter, bought 100 grams of boy
G’d up, got that water add, bitch we transportin
Wait for the camera, know the feds can’t call it
Kefron phones so we speak in codes, swear we talkin
Special issues, bitch we triple beamin
Pull up in that new Beamer
Livin like Pistol Pete
Got your favorite stripper drippin on my Louie sheets
In the club, spillin Henny on my Louie sneaks
Bitches throw the pussy at me, I don’t even speak

[Hook: Future]
Slang a bunch of narcotics
Pull up in the new 'rrari
Living like John Gotti
Chopping bricks like karate
Drink a bunch of codeine
Serving to the dope fiends
Blowing money, stay clean
Michael Jackson, Billie Jean

Bitch, it’s tax season
Everybody gotta check the ghett
I need it,
Special is ENT
Just know that man, it’s the kick off
It’s bout to be a monumental year for the team
Shout out to the old staff
Lou I see you, Wall Bucks on star
Probe alone, agent check
Extra cheese machete on the way
Know AC comin
US 4-3 comin