Too $hort - Quit Hatin', Pt1 lyrics

[Lil' Jon]
Yea, yea, e-YEAHHHH! O-kayyyyyy - what, what?
Wha', what, what?
Lil' Jon and the motherfuckin Eastside Boyz! (Yeahhhh)
Short Dawg! (YeahHHH) Once again at yo' ass (YEAHHHH!)
Bitch!! (Yeah!) This go out to all the pussy niggaz (listen here)
That see us when we walk in the club (whassup)
And just be mean muggin!

[Chorus: Lil' Jon - repeat 2X]
Quit hatin motherfucker, quit hatin!
Quit hatin pussy nigga, quit hatin!

High cause I'm tokin the choke and smokin on Purple Haze and I'm coughin
Got some new Nike's on my feet, even my Caddy wear Jordans
Now bitches be on my dick when I pull up in a platinum blue 'llac
They come and spread they ass crack, let me hit it from the back
On the flo', they bend over, shake them titties and twurk them hips
With them lil' ol' thongs on, I can almost see they coochie lips
And she backin that thing up on me, so I do the damn thing and pop her
With a lil' curl that ha-hangin proper, drunk off champagne and vodka

Just cause it's us in the club they krunk, it's $hort and Twista
And I know the ladies know we love to cut, I can tell it when they whisper
They say -

[Twista - really fast]
See the ballin niggaz in the party
They came in new Escalades
And I got a single, wanna get up in the lobby
I'm with that, come freak all in my body, it's on

We about to break your back and your hip
Smoke a sack and just sip
Sit back and eat some immaculate shrimp
Stackin chips as a mack and a pimp, in the club you gon' bounce
But on the streets, my dro' goin for, six hundred a ounce


[Too $hort]-aca