Too $hort - Paula & Janet (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Bitch! that's a trademark
, I was at my house not doing anything
, Half past ten i heard the...
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Too $hort - Paula & Janet (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Bitch! that's a trademark
ZH: 这个婊子!这是一种商标

EN: I was at my house not doing anything
ZH: 我在我家不做任何事

EN: Half past ten i heard the phone ring
ZH: 10:30 上午我听到电话响

EN: When i picked it up, i said "hello?"
ZH: 当捡了起来时,我说"你好吗?"

EN: The bitch spoke up and said "what's up ho?"
ZH: 这个婊子谈和说:"什么事何?"

EN: I said, "bitch, if you're fine it's my dick"
ZH: 我说:"贱人,你要是没事,只是我的小弟弟"

EN: Enough playing, who the fuck is this?
ZH: 足够玩,这是谁?

EN: She said "janet" i said "oh"
ZH: 她说:"珍妮"说"哦"

EN: Met the bitch last week at my show
ZH: 在我的节目上周见那婊子

EN: I told her "call me" and i gave her my card
ZH: 我跟她说"叫我",我给了她我的名片

EN: She talked dirty and my dick got hard
ZH: 她说话肮脏和我的小弟弟有硬

EN: That night i fucked the bitch three times straight
ZH: 那天晚上我操这个婊子三次直

EN: Next night we made another date
ZH: 第二天晚上我们提出另一个日期

EN: I gave a concert and she came backstage
ZH: 我给了一个音乐会,她来到后台

EN: Fuck a bitch, i'm trying to get paid
ZH: 操娘,我想拿

EN: But that puusy squeezed tighter than a vice grip
ZH: 但这种 puusy 挤紧比副手柄

EN: Fucked around and met this other bitch
ZH: 搞来搞去,碰上这其他贱人

EN: Right out the back i told her "bitch let's go"
ZH: 右后门出来我告诉她"婊子我们走"

EN: Took the bitch to my limo even though
ZH: 即使把这个婊子带到我的轿车

EN: Her friend said i'm ugly, i ain't even fresh
ZH: 她的朋友说我长得丑也甚至新鲜

EN: She told her friend they fuck the best
ZH: 她告诉她的朋友他们他妈的最好

EN: Rushed the bitch to the back seat
ZH: 送往后排座位的婊子

EN: She pulled up her skirt and fucked the shit out of me
ZH: 她拉起她的裙子和操我

EN: She said her name was paula, bitch turned me out
ZH: 她说她的名字叫宝、 婊子把我赶出去

EN: Took my dick out the pussy, let me cum in her mouth
ZH: 花了我的小弟弟出去的阴部,让我暨在她嘴里

EN: She kept sucking like a veteran, i couldn't handle it
ZH: 她一直像个老兵吸吮,我不能接受它

EN: The limo door opened, it was janet
ZH: 豪华轿车门打开了,这是珍妮特

EN: She jumped in the car, they started kissing and shit
ZH: 她在车里跳了,他们开始接吻和狗屎

EN: I kicked back and let 'em have this dick
ZH: 我踢了回来,让他们有此迪克

EN: I told the driver "take me straight home"
ZH: 我告诉司机"带我直接回家"

EN: Then called my partner on the car phone
ZH: 然后,车打电话给我的搭档

EN: I said "i'll hook you with a bad-ass bitch"
ZH: 我说:"我会帮你的坏娘"

EN: Come to my house and don't even trip
ZH: 到我家来,甚至不之旅

EN: He came over and we served the hoes
ZH: 他过来和我们送达锄头

EN: Fucked the bitches like gigalos
ZH: 操的婊子一样 gigalos

EN: Paula and janet will make you wet in your pants
ZH: 宝拉和珍妮特会让你在你的裤子湿

EN: But to me, they're just two more tramps
ZH: 但他们对我来说只是两个更多流浪汉

EN: With some good ass motherfucking pussy, no shit
ZH: 有一些很好的屁股他妈的猫没有狗屎

EN: Short dog's in the motherfucking house and i ain't even tripping, bitch
ZH: 短狗最他妈在我和房子不甚至跳闸,婊子