Too $hort - Cocktales lyrics (Chinese translation). | Cause these are the tales, the Freaky Tales
, These are the Tales that I cherrish so well
, You...
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Too $hort - Cocktales (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Cause these are the tales, the Freaky Tales
ZH: 因为这些都是传说,奇特的故事

EN: These are the Tales that I cherrish so well
ZH: 这些都是传说,我这么好的 cherrish

EN: You don't like my dirty rap, you can go to hell
ZH: 你不喜欢我脏的 rap,你可以去地狱

EN: Cause Short Dog's on the mic spittin Cocktales
ZH: 在爱 Cocktales mic 上导致短狗


EN: All you washed up hoes tryin to throw that P
ZH: 所有你冲锄头尽力把它扔 P

EN: You're just a big freak, you better not complain
ZH: 你只是个大变态,你最好不抱怨

EN: When you hear these cocktails and you hear your name
ZH: 当你听到这些鸡尾酒和听到你的名字

EN: If you a fake bitch, ain't no thing
ZH: 如果你假娘不是没有的事

EN: I'll pick up the phone and call Janine
ZH: 我会拿起电话,然后打电话给珍妮

EN: If I call Marie, I know for a fact
ZH: 如果我打电话给玛丽,我知道一个事实

EN: I'm gettin fucked in my drop top cadillac
ZH: 在我的滴中鸡奸我顶凯迪拉克

EN: I met this freak named Naomi
ZH: 我见过这个怪物名为纳奥米

EN: Straight dick sucker worked me and my homies
ZH: 直迪克抽油工作我和我的家人

EN: She had a girlfriend, her name was Vicki
ZH: 她有一个女朋友,她的名字叫赵薇

EN: I pulled her to the side and let her suck my dick
ZH: 我把她拉到一边,让她给我口交

EN: She was fine as fuck, but can't fuck with Tina
ZH: 她很好操,但不能搞与蒂娜

EN: Tina, Tina, the sperm cleana
ZH: 蒂娜蒂娜,精子 cleana

EN: I took her to my house and told her strip
ZH: 我把她带到我家,告诉她地带

EN: Baby got freaky-started doing the splits
ZH: 婴儿得怪开始做劈叉

EN: I said, "BitchDo what you want
ZH: 我说,"BitchDo 你想要什么

EN: Cause this true blue mack won't even front"
ZH: 原因此真蓝马克不会甚至前面"

EN: I fucked her with my finger, she tried to cum
ZH: 我操了她与我的手指,她试图暨

EN: Pussy so tight, it wouldn't give me none
ZH: 猫太紧了,它不会给我无

EN: I'm Too $hort baby couldn't be no punk
ZH: 我是太 $hort 的孩子不能没有朋克

EN: I'm trying to get freaky cause I love the funk
ZH: 我想让阿红的怪因为我爱

EN: My dick is big and her nigga had a little one
ZH: 我的小弟弟很大,让爱留下了小小一个

EN: I didn't fuck her freaky ass, but it was still fun
ZH: 我没操她滚蛋,但它仍然很好玩

EN: I know you stop and wonder just what it is
ZH: 我知道您停止并不知道它是什么

EN: It's the California lifestyle that I live
ZH: 这是我住的加州生活方式

EN: My name is Short, my game is long
ZH: 我的名字是短,我的游戏是长

EN: I freak these hoes and sing these songs
ZH: 我吓到这些锄头和唱这些歌曲

EN: I know this girl named Annette
ZH: 我知道这个女孩名叫安妮特

EN: Get her all alone and she'll suck your dick
ZH: 得到她的全部一个人,她会给你口交

EN: Hella freaky won't say no for shit
ZH: 海拉奇特不会说不的狗屎

EN: You and her all alone, nigga that's your bitch
ZH: 你和她是你的婊子的孤独,黑鬼

EN: I know another freak her name's Joanne
ZH: 我知道另一个怪物她的名字是乔安妮 ·

EN: I always get the pussy 'cause I know I can
ZH: 我总是得到猫,因为我知道我可以

EN: Finest bitch around, ain't got no man
ZH: 最好婊子周围,不是有没有人

EN: Everytime she cross my mind I go fuck her again
ZH: 每次她我的脑海我去操她再次

EN: She's like another bitch named Christine
ZH: 她已像另一个婊子名叫克莉丝汀

EN: Bitch so dumb, I named her misdemeanor
ZH: 婊子太蠢了,我叫她轻罪

EN: 'Cause it had to be a crime to be that dumb
ZH: 因为它必须是一种罪行,变得愚蠢

EN: I took her to my house and she let me cum in her mouth
ZH: 我把她带到我的房子和她在她的嘴让我暨

EN: You know I did all that shit
ZH: 你知道我做了那些事

EN: She got my number, if she beep me, I'm gonna call that bitch
ZH: 她有我的号码,如果她呼我,我就打电话给那个贱人

EN: And go dig in them guts like a gardener
ZH: 和在他们勇气像园丁去挖

EN: If she starts screamin', I'm gonna fuck the bitch harder
ZH: 如果她开始尖叫,我要操婊子更难

EN: Cause these are the tales, the freaky tales
ZH: 因为这些都是传说,奇特的故事

EN: These are the tales I tell so well
ZH: 这些都是我告诉这么好的故事

EN: You don't like my dirty rap you can go to hell
ZH: 你不喜欢我你可以去地狱的脏 rap

EN: 'Cause Short Dogg's on the mike tellin' cocktails
ZH: 因为短 Dogg 的告诉鸡尾酒的迈克

EN: I meet the groupies, hookers like Kathy
ZH: 我满足歌迷的妓女喜欢凯西

EN: Fucking M.C.'s cause she's so nasty
ZH: 他妈的 M.C.的原因她是这么让人讨厌

EN: See her backstage trying to throw that ass
ZH: 看到她要把她的屁股的后台

EN: She just like the freaks and she had to pass me that pussy
ZH: 她只是喜欢怪物,她不得不递给我那猫

EN: You can't stop the bitch
ZH: 你不能阻止这个婊子

EN: Let her roll on my rolls then I drop the bitch
ZH: 让她在我卷上卷然后我把那婊子

EN: My name is Short my game is long
ZH: 我的名字是短我的游戏是长

EN: I freak these hoes and sing these songs
ZH: 我吓到这些锄头和唱这些歌曲

EN: I know another girl named Stephanie
ZH: 我知道另一个女孩名叫斯蒂芬妮

EN: Do anything she can to have sex with me
ZH: 做任何事情她可以跟我做爱

EN: She really don't bring out the best in me
ZH: 她真的不带出最好的我

EN: But I love her fine ass laying next to me
ZH: 但我爱她漂亮的屁股,躺在我身边

EN: She's like another freak named Nicole
ZH: 她已像另一个怪人叫妮可

EN: So damn sprung on my diamonds and gold
ZH: 所以该死突然向我的钻石和黄金

EN: I took her to my house, she gave me the panties
ZH: 我带她到我家,她给了我的内裤

EN: I fucked her so good she told her friend named Angie
ZH: 我操了她所以她告诉她的朋友的好叫安琪

EN: Angie called me up about two weeks later
ZH: 安琪打电话给我约两个星期后

EN: Talking some shit about do me player
ZH: 谈论一些的东西做我的球员

EN: So I did her just like Tamara
ZH: 所以我做了她就像塔玛拉

EN: Taking naked pictures with my poloroid camera
ZH: 裸体拍照,我的 poloroid 照相机

EN: Next they told a girl named Rocquelle
ZH: 下一步他们告诉一个名叫 Rocquelle 的女孩

EN: Got my skin all under her fingernails
ZH: 还有我的皮肤都在她的指甲下

EN: She was diggin in my back while I grind the shit
ZH: 她是挖在我的背,虽然我磨屎

EN: That was way back now I can't find the bitch
ZH: 这是的方式回到现在找不到那个贱人

EN: But if I do, I'll probably do the same again
ZH: 但的话,可能会做同样再

EN: Break the bitch for everything 'cause I came to pimp
ZH: 打破这个婊子的一切,因为我来皮条客

EN: I'm Too Short baby, I don't stop mackin
ZH: 我是太短的孩子,我不阻止美女

EN: I grab the microphone and I don't stop rappin
ZH: 我抓住麦克风和我不阻止前骂你

EN: You can bet your life as I spit these raps
ZH: 你可以打赌你的生活,我吐痰这些区域行动方案

EN: I'll be fucking em' up like that BITCH
ZH: 我就他妈的会 em' 了像这样的婊子

EN: I know another trick her name was Shery
ZH: 我知道另一个把戏她的名字是离体芽

EN: I had to cut her loose 'cause she wanted to get married
ZH: 我不得不给她松绑,因为她想要结婚

EN: Pussy so good and I do mean very
ZH: 这么好的阴部和我的意思非常

EN: SOmetimes it's shaved and sometimes it's hairy
ZH: 有时它剃光和有时是毛

EN: I'm Short Dogg ain't nothing nice
ZH: 我是短 Dogg 没什么好

EN: You ever make me mad and I'll fuck your wife
ZH: 你让我生气和我会干你的妻子

EN: Have fun with your bitch and have her sprung on my dick
ZH: 有你的婊子的乐趣,有她在我的小弟弟上涌现

EN: I guess I'll pull it out and just cum on your bitch
ZH: 我想我会把它出来,只是暨上你的婊子

EN: Like my other little tramp named Erika
ZH: 像我其他小流浪汉一样命名 Erika

EN: ANywhere I want to fuck that's where I fuck
ZH: 任何我想要干的地方是哪里我操

EN: 'Cause she's the freakiest bitch in America
ZH: 因为她是在美国最怪异的婊子

EN: Everytime I get the pussy I just tear it up
ZH: 每次我得到把撕它的猫

EN: 'Cause these are the tales the freaky tales
ZH: 因为这些都是古怪的传说故事

EN: These are the tales that I tell so well
ZH: 这些都是我说的故事

EN: You don't like my dirty raps you can go to hell
ZH: 你不喜欢你可以去我脏区域行动方案若要下地狱

EN: 'Cause Short Dogg is on the mike telling cocktales
ZH: 因为短 Dogg 是迈克告诉 cocktales