Too Much Joy - Underneath A Jersey Sky lyrics

You're no Uma Thurman
Then I'm no movie star
Neither of us is strong
We can still split a car

We will never be famous
And we'll never have kids
And even we won't remember
Half the shit that we did

Like when I planted one on ya
Before your lips got loose
And I thought I heard booing
But they were just yelling "Bruce"

You sounded like you gave up
When you let out that sigh
But it still turned me on
Underneath a Jersey sky

I was born and I will die
Underneath a Jersey sky

Now we've got our own house
It's even got a backyard
We can toss round a Frisbee
If we don't toss too hard

I figure someone somewhere
Got my piece of the pie
And he wouldn't be caught dead
Underneath a Jersey sky