Too Much Joy - Half Life lyrics

There is no space
For what you need to know
On the forms that I must fill out
I’m happiest alone
I’m miserable that way
All this stuff just wants to spill out

I take pleasure in the simple things
I love my headphones and my wedding ring

Are you talking to me now or reading from a script?
What’s that supposed to mean you say you anna be yourself?
I don’t think you even know just who the hell that is
You spend half your life pretending you’re like everybody else
Like everybody else

I tell the same joke
Many different ways
But you never seem to get it
You’re jerking off
To catalogs
Don’t you feel a bit pathetic?

You spend half your life remembering your life when you were young
And half your life dreaming how much better life could get
Every time you make a choice, hey, half your life is gone
All you got’s a few big dreams divided into many small regrets
Like everybody else

Never take any pictures
Just try to remember
All I remember is trying
Here’s a story I like
I think it happened to me
I don’t even know if I’m lying