Tony Rose - Banks Of Green Willow lyrics

O it's of a sea-captain
Down by the banks of willow,
He's courted a pretty girl
Till she proved with child o.

She cried, "What shall I do my love?
What will become of me?
My mother and father,
They both will disown me."

"Go fetch me some of your father's gold
And some of your mother's money,
And you shall sail the ocean
Along with young Johnny."

So she's fetched him some of her father's gold
And some of her mother's money,
And she has gone aboard a ship
Along with young Johnny.

Well they had not been sailing
Scarce six weeks nor so many
Before she was delivered
Of a beautiful baby.

"Sea captain, sea captain,
Here's fifty pounds for thee
To see me safe home again,
Me and my baby."

"Oh no," said the captain,
"Such things they never can be.
'Tis better to lose two lives
Than 'tis to lose many."

"Then tie the napkin round my head,
Come tie it soft and easy,
And throw me right overboard,
Me and my baby."

So they tied the napkin round her head,
They've tied it soft and easy.
They've thrown her right overboard,
She and her baby.

Don't you see how she swims, my lad,
Don't you see how her body quivers?
She'll swim till she comes to
The banks of green willow.

And my love shall have a coffin made
Of a gold that shines yellow,
And she shall be buried
On the banks of green willow.