Tony Bennett - Everybody Has The Blues lyrics

Hey Ray, I feel so sad
I guess you think that no one ever felt so bad before

Everybody has the blues
Everybody has the blues
Everybody knows the way that you feel today
And I thought it was just me

Everybody gets to sit and cry
Everybody gets to wonder why
Everybody gets to watch the sky turn gray
And guess what, this may get surprising to you

Some people lose your job
Maybe you lost your girl
Maybe you feel like we're losing your minds
That's not the end of the world, hey

Everybody gets to feel some pain
Everyone got to get caught out in the rain
Everybody got some days that they can't explain

Play the blues, Ray
Alright, here I come

On Dallas, even JR gets the blues
Politicians get the blues
TV anchor people, they get the blues
Everybody, everybody has the blues