Toni Braxton - Please lyrics (Chinese translation). | [1st verse]
, I know you watching
, All over here,
, Tryna find a way to
, Come into my situation,
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Toni Braxton - Please (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [1st verse]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: I know you watching
ZH: 我知道你在看

EN: All over here,
ZH: 所有在这里,

EN: Tryna find a way to
ZH: 阿隆找到一种方法

EN: Come into my situation,
ZH: 进入我的情况,

EN: But you should know this.
ZH: 但你应该知道。

EN: Its all good so be cool.
ZH: 因此,其良好是很酷。

EN: I'm taking care of home, my kids are fine
ZH: 我照顾的家庭、 我的孩子们都很好

EN: I got him locked, and he's all mine
ZH: 我把他锁,和他是我的全部

EN: So you should know better than
ZH: 所以你应该知道比更好

EN: To think that you could ever put it down like I can.
ZH: 想想你可以过把它放下像我一样。

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: If he needs good loving (I got it)
ZH: 如果他需要良好的爱 (我是)

EN: If I need to heat it up (I got fire),
ZH: 如果我需要先热 (我有火) 最多,

EN: Make sure I'm the best (for him), for (sure and)
ZH: 一定要让我 (为他),最好为 (确定和)

EN: He's running home to me for it.
ZH: 他跑回家向我为它。

EN: And he knows what ever he wants (that I'm with it)
ZH: 他知道过什么他要 (即我和它在一起)

EN: And he knows the perfect place (to come get it)
ZH: 他知道的完美的地方 (来得到它)

EN: And he knows that every woman's in me.
ZH: 他知道每个女人都是在我。

EN: Fall back and just let me be.
ZH: 秋天回来,只是让我。

EN: I got to breathe (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh) please,
ZH: 我要呼吸 (呃哦,嗯哦,呃哦) 请

EN: Back up off of me
ZH: 我备份

EN: I got to breathe and just be
ZH: 我要呼吸,而只是

EN: Breathe, please, in case you all didn't hear me yeah yeah
ZH: 呼吸了,求你了,你都没听说我是的是的

EN: I got to breathe so let me breathe, please
ZH: 我要呼吸让我呼吸,请

EN: [2nd verse]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: You're in violation, let me help you understand,
ZH: 你违反了,让我帮你明白,

EN: Before we have a problem.
ZH: 之前我们有一个问题。

EN: I will take it there
ZH: 将那里

EN: When it comes to my man
ZH: 当它来到了我的男人

EN: Please don't make me solve one.
ZH: 请不要让我解决一个。

EN: Everyday is a holiday,
ZH: 每天都是假日

EN: Everyday's our anniversary.
ZH: 每天都是我们的周年纪念日。

EN: You should think about the time you waste
ZH: 你该想想你浪费的时间

EN: Cause my last name ain't gonna change
ZH: 我最近的名字也不会改变的原因

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]