Tone Da Boss - Freedom (2014)

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Tone Da Boss - Freedom lyrics

As we march as African American men
We owe it to the world
We owe it to ourselves
To be better, to appreciate the freedom we have worked so hard for, the freedom we are not allowed to take for granted
Fore our ancestors before was never granted
My fist raised my two feet planted firmly on the ground
As I look around at the faces of my brothers and sisters
That I will not allow to fall to doing and selling drugs violence or prostitution
Living off the government assistance and public housing
And me stand by idlely
No sir I shall not will not and cannot allow this
We have been blessed and provided the opportunity to struggle
We cannot limit our dreams to athletes artist and entertainers
But excel in education and dedication
Become active citizens of society
And make contributions to our community through unity
We shall and will be a better people
Fore we have a choice, and what we have is Freedom

I'll ride for my freedom I'll die for my
Never be denied or deprived of freedom

We're free now the world is our kingdom
The children are future in the future imma leader
I'll be a teacher not a preacher
And I can teach em how to appreciate
Things we have that other people only dream of
Big dreams of Little things such as happiness and freedom
Family and eating wit shelter clothes and the heat on
What's the ends to meet a means When it means to the things
That prolly leads to in a box when u were meant to be a king
Now your trying make amends to a Lord who sees u sin
But why apologize when - you'll just do it all again
Why even be forgave when ur a voluntary slave
To a game where ur not the system just the disc being played
They wanna be like Leebron James Lil Wayne Carter
But the people we should follow is like President Obama
U don't wanna graduate wit honors
And for all us that do
You've actually made it harder
I'm sorry but it's true
When u supply the public preception
Wit thuggish aggression
When all reality u lost and u just suffer depression
I'm sending this message but it comes it question
Will u strive to better or live on as a failure

I'll ride for my freedom I'll die for my
Never be denied or deprived of freedom

[Verse 2]
The devil is busy we gotta make livings
But With the freedom we given, why we filling the prisons
Why the hell we drug dealing killing and stealing
We could be making a difference For our women and children
Y'all really trynna be the definition of Nigga
And we encourage it use it as a term of endearment
Well I'm willing to end it take it out of my lyrics
Make a vow to my listeners for this valid decision
Now tell me this, either u coward or wit me
Will u choose to be against me or Use ur power to to lift me
U gotta choice but do it now and it quickly
Yes' or no stand or fall no maybe or iffy
There is no opting out cuz the only option now
Is make this freedom worth something or we have nothing to talk about
Brother pleasefollow this lesson I'm showing
Or end up trapped in a life pwhere death is your only

I used to be that same cat roaming the block and now
I realized there's no winning when u dropping out
Sitting by and doing nothing is like copping out
So win wit me so we can be over the top
My new name Malcolm Martin Obama
Revern Jesse Al Sharpton
2Pac Tubman Parks X
Now Tell me who trying to make a difference next