Tompall Glaser - Bad Bad Bad Cowboy lyrics

She's the meanest woman and she'll be the first to tell you so
She's the meanest woman she don't like my cowboy show
She won't ride my poney she won't come to my rodeo

She's the meanest woman
Mean as a snake from the day she was born just ask her mama
She's the meanest woman mean as hell but twice as warm
You can ask me about that
She sure loves being pampered she sure likes her freedom showin'
She's says I'm a bad bad bad cowboy
( guitar ) I'm meanest cowboy I cut my teeth on tainted girls
I'm meanest cowboy I make a meal of them philly squirrels ha ha ha
They don't push me when I'm grinnin' they know I'll push me back again
Cause I'm a bad bad bad cowboy ha ha ha ha