Tom Rush - On The Road Again lyrics

I locked my doors, th sun went down, said goodbye t'Boston town,Mass turnpike t'route 15,take me on down to the New York scene, thummin' o'the tires it sure is pretty, thinkin' 'bout the wimmin in New York City, an Hey!, I'm on the road again x 3 ? 2nd (1/2?)verse - Take the Harlem(I always sang Holland) Tunnel to the Jersey Pike, n'roll through Philly,in the middle of the night,I'm on the road again x3. vs 3 - I went downtown DC,runnin'all around town, tryntafind a little lady, she hit me when ahm downnobody answers aint anybody home, gotta grab me a cab get to Baltimore,she got great long hair n big ole smile, n great long legs,that drive me wild n hey!ahm on the road again. Plenty more verse to my way adopted theme song for all my wild and crazy young man trips all OVER the country in the late 60's & 70's.Bruce Grandview Aint no better trip song ever!