Tom Milsom - They Didn't Ask Me To Play lyrics

Nobody asked me to play at VidCon this year
Nobody wanted me on their panel at all
Last year I played some songs and went away
And this year it seems as though they don’t want me anyway
Nobody asked me to play
At VidCon this year
They say ‘we don’t want you’
And I cry a single tear
Gonna do the secret panel
And everyone can see

That you’re all VIP
And I’m just Industry
And Vondell’s even worse, cause he’s only Community

At VidCon this year
Nobody wanted to ask me to do things
At VidCon this year
But all of the fans want me to do things
Ask me to sign things i’ll do it happily
Ask me to play, and that’d be even better please

nobody asked me to be on a panel
even though i know lots of things about panels
That’s what panels are right
You just sit and talk about panels
Panels on things like
Wood panels
Floor panels
Secret panels
No-one wants me
No-one wants me at all
No-one wants me to sing in that hall
They only want people like Shane Dawson
Even though I draw a crowd when I’m doing stuff anyway
Nobody asked me
Nobody asked me
Though I’ll do stuff anyway
Nobody at VidCon
Nobody at VidCon wanted me to play