Tom Milsom - Four-Foot Squirrel lyrics

Oh four foot squirrel,
Why do you stand so tall?
I think it's trickery,
And you're not big at all.
Do you not see the other
Squirrels laughing loud
At your ill-thought through dreams
Of height behind a hedgy shroud?

Now don't look so discouraged that
We saw right through your scheme,
For after all what else are squirrels
Ought to do but dream?
But delusions of grandeur
Somehow crept into your head
While all the other squirrels
Dreamt of hazelnuts instead.

Oh four foot squirrel,
Why do you look away?
Are you offended by the
Harsh words that we say?
Just bear in mind friend
That whatever you do,
We'll always be here
Just to point and laugh at you.