Tom Kelly Band - Flashback Pts. 1 & 2 lyrics

In the land of demons and pain,
You go side by side with death.
Babe, you're there and see it all,
So rosy and wonderful clean.
But usually where a tombstone stands,
Is where the flowers bloom the best.

Hey, Babe, come down.

In hazy fog the moonlight shines,
In a tender mellow light.
Life is full of flowerpower,
But the stage beams just like death.
Cause death is here, just look at me,
I'm totally engulfed by him.

Hey, Babe, come down.

Oh, please believe me everything,
Is not what it all should be.
You are yourself a mirror image,
Of something that's unreal babe.
But keep on searching for the reason,
'Cause it's always been there with you.

Hey, Babe, come down.

Why have you done this?
Why are you so quiet?
You say nothing,
And you just stare at me.

We had such nice times together,
But now each has gone his own way.
I constantly see you next to me,
And always have feelings that you.
Have always loved me true.
Have always loved me true.