Tom Flannery - I Am A Houston Astros Fan lyrics

I am a Houston Astros fan
With the baggage that entails
Tough to hold the head high
When between the legs is a tail
One game from the series
In 2004
Now wiping their own asses
On the cellar floor

You can root root root for the yankees
Or jump on the rex sox train
Cheer for my home state phillies
Or with the pirates go down the drain
But they'll be no joy in mudville
With that predictable shit
If you wanna have a good time
Just watch the Astros hit

I am a Houston Astros fan
At least we got Roger Clemens
Like a shiny Porche standing out
In a parking lot full of lemons
Used to put fear in pitchers
With the good 'ol Killer B's
Now decrepit with busted shoulders
And football player knees


I am a Houston Astros fan
Everybody raise a cheer
For going through the motions
And looking towards next year
What can you expect
For a paltry 77 mill
Last year was the heart meds
This year it's the still