Tom Billington - Daddy Don't You Go lyrics


Well, they sat us down
And they read us the scene.
There were tears in the coffee
And sugar in the tea.

With my back to the fire
And my knees to my chin,
I was barely eleven;
You were nearly sixteen.

Well, the eldest took the blow
'Cause we couldn't wrap our heads
Round the rest of the riot act
We had been read.

You made our decisions
And le[???]


[???] to conclude,
At emotional knifepoint,
It's what anyone would do.

Daddy, don't you go;
Don't you take him away!
I don't want separate family homes,
Don't want awkward holidays!

Such a waste! Such a waste!
I'm done losing sleep!
And the price that you paid was so steep!
The price that you paid was so steep!