Tokyo Shawn - Sh!t 2.0 (feat. Leather Corduroys) (2014)

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Tokyo Shawn - Sh!t 2.0 (feat. Leather Corduroys) lyrics

[Verse 1: Tokyo Shawn]
Young Toky, Young Toky
You see me, you know me
You know all my homies, my hair back, I look like Hiroki
These bitches they send me emojis
They love me, they love me, they love me like mommy love kids
They want me like I'm fugitive
They say that I'm crazy, I know that I am
Bitch, my mind out the box just like I'm movin' in
And I'm movin' in all in your shit, fuck, SAVE
How you totin' up [?]
Got a back sprain, you ain't move no weight
Don't know what to do, niggas sweet, we don't fuck with you
Fuck a tool, we'll make it so a body decay

[Hook: Tokyo Shawn]

[Verse 2: Kami de Chukwu]
You ain't never seen a Japanese nigga, Kami Chukwu Morikami
Watanabe my body
Boy I do not nervous, I keep that thing on
I know the dopeman's dopeman
Keep the cooker in the kitchen, in the kitchen cookin' fork
Just some water to some fishes
White got a nigga feelin' like he's black Jesus
I got the molly with the yay
Bitch, international features
Ass thick like the accent when she speakin'
Fuck another couple, Michael Jackson, Billie Jean
I ain't never seen her

[Hook: Tokyo Shawn]

[Verse 3: Joey Purp]
Young Purple, Young Purple
I swear that I'm coolin'
That Rei Kawakubo stay on me, I think that I'm Junior
She say she won't smoke and then fuck when I'm boosted
On the Keisha sippin' lean like it's water
Pray the strike bullets never strike a martyr
Would you rather be the shooter or the mothafuckin' target?
I don't play about my money or my momma or my daughter
Shit, let me get you up to speed
Hit the Whitney if it's clean
Probably won't fuck 'less she rollin' up some weed
Dimethyltryptamine make a young nigga dream
Now I'm really off the shit!