Todd Snider - Combover Blues lyrics

When I was a kid I never thought
That I would end up with what I've got
I thought that I would get to keep more than I'd lose
But now this mirror reminds me every day
That life might not work out that way
I've got the combover blues

It just blows my mind to hear myself say
God what's the matter with these kids today
This crap they play's just way too loud and rude
Rollin' a joint used to put me in the mood to come back
But now it makes me think I'm having a heart attack
I've got the combover blues

Oh the years go by
Like highway signs
Try and try
You can't make Mother Nature change her mind

After all these years and traveling bands
Backstage beers and rental vans
Have left me here with all I've got to lose
This aching back, this smoker's cough
This broken heart and to top it all off
These combover blues