Todd Duffley - Simple Man lyrics

1. And i, iam a simple man
Doing the best i can
Just tying to get by

2. and i , thought i'd get to heaven
By driving through hell
But i passed it on by


And i am a simple man
Lord i am a simple man

3. and i , made a lot of wrongs
But i'm trying to make it right
By the end of my life

4. and i, been knocked to the ground
People trying to hold me down
But i finally saw the light


5. and i, had to learn self control
Had to search for my soul
And i found it one night

6. and i, damn near lost my life
More than a couple times
Man, i'm lucky to be alive

(repeat chorus)

7. and i, loved a lot of ladies
Some had my babies
But i just turned and walked away

8. and i, seen a lot of good folks die
Some were unjustified
But i had to say goodbye

(chorus 2x)