Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun - The Lightning Exhibit lyrics

I?ll kiss you tight and hold you soft
Dig a hole to fill with light

When lightning strikes your head,
And it?s distracting you to death
I?ll throw my arms right around you
Make myself your own worn bed
To comfort and forgive
For the lives we can?t relive
I want you over me
I want you to

Announce to the streets
There?s always something here to fear
These worries we?re meant to defeat
Please lend me your ears
It?s not always a winner?s feat
It?s not always a loser?s streak

I know it?s never too clear
But we?ve got to stay near

Let?s let this go lightly
Let?s let this go

I?ve choked on my words again,
But I will survive them
I?ve splintered at the seams
Breaking stilled horizons
All my sparks they came from stone
My love, it?s our own
You remind me of
All the ones we?ve loved
It reminds me of