Toast Freak - Tomorrow lyrics

I try to center these thoughts,

But it just doesn't come.

No one ever told me "This wont be easy, son."

These worthless words that I ramble and speak

Seem like nothing to the girl that I seek.

I know within this world I'm stil green.

Miserable attitude because I'm just a teen.

Durden said it best:

"Let go."

But there is a part of all that you just wont show.

You just wont show.

Move on from these insecurities.

Leave that heartbreaker behind.

Allthough it seems impossible that she's not the one,

Tomorrow a new girl you'll find.

Why don't these things with girls ever seem to work out?

I try so hard. I know I do something wrong.

I'll try not to scream and shout.

I just want to let it out.

The time past has seemed so long.