Tm Revolution - Burnin' Christmas lyrics

Candles and crosses, please give my love power.
Before the fallen angels use this sacred night to destroy it.

I pretend to pick up a lighter and gaze at your lovely legs.
I hate myself for stooping to such lengths.
You come to my house at night and complain to me about your boyfriend.
I don't get what you're feeling at all.

I head out to the snow. I am getting worse...

Candles and crosses, please give my love power.
I begin to lose my mind when I see you reflecting in the lights.
Is this bad? Why don't I just go for it? The brilliant fire of the city invites me.
The fallen angels will destroy love on this sacred night.

"How's your girlfriend today?" If you're not sincere, don't bother asking!
If you really cared about me, you wouldn't have come in the first place.
If you're expecting a favor from me, I'd be more than happy to please you.
My mind begins to wander with greedy ideas.

The bells ring deep into my heart.

I can't say "this is our little secret" and hug you tight; that's not what true courage is.
It's your fault my mind is spinning around in circles.
Silent Night, Holy Night, anything's fine; I just want to hold you.
I want to experience painful pleasure.

It's just that I've always had my eye on you. Even when you loved someone else.
I tried to forget about you, but now, I'm starting to lose control.

Candles and crosses, please give my love power.
By coincidence, when I placed my fingers on the window,
A strong stare met me, and I felt that something had ended.
Please forgive the near sin of this sacred angel, and set him free.