Tito Lopez - Would U Still Luv Me? (2013)

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Tito Lopez - Would U Still Luv Me? lyrics

Watching this game from a distance
The difference? I can feel the resistance
It takes money to make money
Getting drunk, blowing skunk
And praying to God keep all these fakes from me
And everything they take from me, I can take it back
The shit that’s … will be shit that they can never jack
My heart, my soul, my guts and my nuts, nigga
Most this shit your bitch wanna touch, nigga, fuck nigga
I can’t stress a hoe, I’m tryina stretch my dough
Down on my feet, they on their knees to be next to blow
Trips to Mexico, what’s happening, bitch?
On that tequila mocking bird, black Atticus Finch
I’m 25 in the body, 45 in the head
That mean I think like Jordan coming back from the dead
When I was 23 I was raw, even my people’s pimping
I’m sprinting down the court on a mission

Want my number back
Real shit
Yeah, I want my number back
I’m just getting warmed up in this motherfucking
You know what I’m talking about?
I want my number back
New shit
All my north side niggas, my south side niggas
Gassed and point niggas, bread with niggas, share with niggas
This for y’all, don’t mind me, I’m just on the low

Would you still love me?
If I ain’t put my whole city on
If I ain’t make that Mississippi song
I’m pretty boy, flow to flow
And I got you thinking Biggie home
I get fat and grab a nigga to get his Diddy on
And Drake totally fucked the lyrics and get to the ferry
A heartbreaker, think I come here with Tom Petty
They call me a legend, I ain’t sure if I’m even ready
But I know my family is all that matter, Steve and Eddy
Spaghetti, garlic bread with the rear roasted, peppers
Parties with Playboy bunnies, let’s have a toast to Heffner
It’s been my life, I don’t speak about it
But now I’m stunting on you niggas,
Man, I’m tired of trying to creep around you
The black dude gets … from Spanish dames
So much that I bet you lames wish you had a Spanish name
Ask Santiago, he know what’s up
Talks on a bus, I done get drunk with power, never sober up
If I was ugly, would you still care?
Picture me paralyzed, tell me if you’re still there
And would it feel fair if I promised to give you babies
But can’t fuck, stuck in a damn wheelchair?
Yeah, that question been on my mind a while
Watching good fellows know when your killers come with smiles
I think I figured out my next move
This ain’t checkers, it’s a chess move, you feel me?
This ain’t checkers, it’s a chess move
This ain’t checkers, it’s a chess move, my nigga